Customer Testimonials

We had a critical job that we needed quickly which we sent to Phillips Precision, Inc. and a popular online prototype company. Prices were similar from both. Not only did Phillips Precision deliver parts within 24 hours, they were easy to work with, the parts were accurate and of high quality. The online prototype shop delivered bad parts in 3 days. The true “cost” to my business and reputation when receiving bad parts, late is immeasurable. Phillips Precision is now our prototype shop.

David Comeau
Albright Technologies, Inc.

Thanks for your effort in turning the last bunch of parts around. It was part of a fairly crazy week and it was great to place the order and not have to think about it. Everything flowed together very nicely which was great considering the impossible lead times.

Engineering Technician
Protonex Technology Corporation

Congratulations from 1366! We continue to be pleased with the quality, delivery, and overall dependability we see from Phillips. Keep up the great work!

The Engineering Team at 1366 Technologies

Work holding has long been one of the driving factors in the final cost of any production. For decades, the typical setup was a vise mounted squarely in the middle of travel. The advent of the Pitbull Clamp was a game changer for the industry. High density work holding would become the new standard. Steve Phillips has been bringing innovation to this trade for decades. Phillips Precision continues that.

Derek Pulsifer, President

I just wanted to drop you an email to say a quick thank you for your hard (and extremely fast) work on those cores I sent your way last week. It really helped to get us out of a bind, and I’m very appreciative, also thank you for offering me a better rate on the second core, that was a big help, too. I plan to continue to utilize your services on future jobs, whenever I am able to.

Kevin Franzino, Quality Engineer
Albright Technologies, Inc.

Steve, I just received the housing you did in 3-D printing. I am speechless, they are so good. I was hoping for prototype quality and this is first class production.

Leonid "Lenny" Pavlotsky, Mechanical Engineer
Polestar Technologies, Inc.

The service you provide for us is impeccable. The fixtures you design are creative, affordable, and have enhanced the productivity in our inspection department.

Wayne Loomer, Quality Manager