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U.S. Machine Shop Tackles Global Shortages Head-on with Large Supply Purchase

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Amid global shortages of essential materials and delays at major shipping ports, a full-service machine shop and manufacturing laboratory is investing in product materials to ensure it can meet the needs of its clients without delays and keep spindles running and machinists employed. 

During 2020, maintaining a healthy manufacturing company was especially challenging due to the uncertainties of COVID-19. And while these challenges multiplied in 2021, the Phillips Precision, Inc. team looked ahead.  

To mitigate the risk of running out of the necessary supplies needed to produce their quick-swap fixture systems, Phillips Precision purchased at least a year’s worth of aluminum and other vital manufacturing materials. Work holding is critical, and quick-swap modular fixtures are necessary for manufacturing companies facing a shrinking workforce and growing demand for quality. 

“Our fixturing products and services have already made a sizable impact on manufacturing around the world for major businesses like Boeing, Apple, and Amazon, and if we had a hiccup in production due to a lack of material, it would be harmful to the entire production process of many heavy hitters in the industry,” said Allan DeLisle, the Technical Sales Coordinator at Phillips Precision.